Active over more than 40 Years in France and throughout Europe, Platon offers a large range of flow measurement and control products suitable for many industrial sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, automobile, gas combustion, water treatment, medical, research laboratories.

The NG glass tube flowmeters, GMT all metal variable area flowmeters, GMTX flow transmitters, level alarms series 20, 30, 40, 60 and averaging pitot tube Platon Torbar Mass Tribar are well recognised across a wide range of industrial applications for their robustness, quality of manufacture and accuracy of their readings.



On the Green markets, Platon is active both in the Air and Water sectors.

For air and gas applications, the averaging pitot tube Platon Torbar and Kurz insertion thermal mass flowmeters are particularly well suited for stack flow measurement and are successfully integrated in third party stack gas analysis sytems.

For applications on water or liquids, the Platon FloPro ultrasonic Doppler effect flowmeter has made a real name of itself in open channel or partly full pipe applications as found in water treatment plants, sewage, stormwater monitoring, rainfall recording etc. Platon FloPro is also available as an insertion flowmeter for full pipe applications.

Platon also offers Micronics , portable or fixed ultrasonic time of flight flowmeters for all applications on clean liquids and the Trident submersible level transmitter for reservoirs, wells, locks and rivers.



On the energy markets, Platon mainly concentrates on safety solutions on Diesel engines fitted on generator sets, compressors, cranes, fork lift trucks, pumps and vehicules operating in potentially explosive environments such as raffineries, off shore platforms,chimical sites, gas terminals etc.

When operating in a hazardous area where combustible gas, vapour or dust may exist, diesel engines are a potential source of ignition and can cause catastrophic fires and explosions.

Platon is Chalwyn exclusive agent for France and French speaking Africa, leader for over 30 years in the design and manufacturer of diesel engine safety products.