Platon GU series

Platon GU series

Platon GU series

The GU series Glass VA flowmeters safety housed construction provides a rigid protective structure around the flow tube, to allow installation in unsupported pipework or to provide extra protection to operators on high pressure or corrosive applications.

More details:

The tube and float is viewed through a solid Perspex window.




  • Robust construction
  • Safety housed for operator protection
  • Easy to use, high visibility scale
  • Simple and reliable
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Operator confidence from float rotation
  • Instantaneous response
  • Accuracy up to ±1.25% FSD
  • Air flow range 5 cm3/min to 150 L/min
  • Linear scales, typically 10:1 range
  • Site interchangeable tubes
  • Option of single or dual alarms
  • Special scales available on request



White Polyester coated die cast Aluminium with rear racing pressure relief vent and solid Perspex window

Flow tube

Borosilicate glass with ceramic scale


Duraluminium or Stainless Steel

End Blocks

Nickel plated Brass or Stainless Steel

O-ring Seals

Nitrile with Brass, Viton with Stainless Steel

Maximum Temperature

Nitrile - 80ºC, Viton - 100ºC

Maximum Pressure

25 bar non-shock


±1.25% FSD

Standard Calibration

ATP - 20ºC, 1.013 bar Absolute


In-Line ?” BSPP female


Install tubes vertically with flow upwards, read top of float