Laminar M series

Laminar M series

Laminar M series

M Series mass flow transmitters calibrated for air as standard but available for use on many types of gas. By measuring the differential pressure produced by flow through a laminar flow element, an inherently linear reading is converted using modern electronics to give a voltage output, and an integral liquid crystal display. With a ten-millisecond response time, these units out-perform most thermal type meters.

More details:

The M series "NON-THERMAL" Mass Flowmeters use discrete Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure, and Temperature sensor measurements within the laminar flow region to determine mass flow. The embedded microprocessor provides a software-based STP calculation compensated for pressure and temperature to standard conditions (1 atmosphere 25°Celsius). The M series addresses the limitations of thermal mass flow technologies, as there is no "Hot Wire" drift. The unit has an adjustable response time starting from 10 milliseconds. The dynamic display shows mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and absolute pressure simultaneously. With the push button interface, the user can select the primary display, gas of interest (13 standard gases featured), adjust meter response time or tare the meter at zero flow.

Other gas calibrations available, including: argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethane, helium, hydrogen, methane, nitric oxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen and propane.

Calibration to 0.5% of full scale, other output types and units with 13 gas switch select are available. Please consult Sales.

Blind units are available, please consult Sales for prices.


Flow Rate Max

1000.00 L/min

Operating Temperature

50.00 ºC

Operating Pressure

8.60 BarG


±1% of full scale


±0.5% of full scale

Response Time

10 msec

Pressure Drop

Less than 30mbar

Turndown Ratio


Wetted Materials

Nickel Plated Anodised Aluminium, St. Steel, Viton, Silicon Gel, RTV, Nylon & Glass Reinforced Nylon