Platon FloBar averaging pitot tube

Platon FloBar averaging pitot tube

Platon FloBar averaging pitot tube

FloBar tubes contain no moving parts. Standard models are manufactured from stainless steel, though alternative material requirements are readily accommodated.


More details:

Process connection options range from resealable compression fittings, through fixed flanges to valved hot tap variants, making installation a straightforward operation. Local indication or retransmission devices mate directly with the FloBar’s integral three-valve manifold.

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Information required:

  • Pipe ID and OD
  • Preferred connection screwed/flanged)
  • Flowing fluid and conditions
  • Line pressure and temperature
  • Output and display preferred


Probe Diameter

25mm standard, l00mm - 3000mm pipes, 13mm for 50 - 449mm dia pipes, 60mm for pipes over 3000mm ID

Plate Materials

Stainless steel, Monel or Hastelloy


Stainless steel, electron beam welded construction

Material options

Monel, Hastelloy etc

Averaging Sensor

Typically 6 upstream ports for flow averaging

Carrier Types

Split ring, One piece (Integral plate), Weld neck or Pipe section (up to 80mm)


7 diameters downstream 3 diameters upstream (minimum) of a bend or similar obstruction

Installation Options

Via flange or compression fitting into side of pipe. End support can be used to measure higher flow rates.


Flow velocity proportional to square root of DP

Output Connections

1/4" NPT female on 54mm centres from integral 3 valve manifold

Flow Repeatability

±1% typical

Pressure Max

To flange rating. 5 Bar max for compression fitting