Flow-Mon flow rate indicators

The Flow-mon flow indicators are designed to be robust, highly versatile and extremely reliable in the harshest of environments.

FLOW-MON FLOW RATE INDICATORS They continuously monitor flow with a local indication, through a mechanical pointer, switch, transmitter or digital rate totaliser and can be manufactured in a variety of materials to suit a wide range of liquid, air and gas applications.


  • +/- 3% accuracy across full range
  • Calibrated in any unit of measure
  • Single or dual scale options
  • Individually calibrated
  • Simple modular design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Viscosities up to 600cSt
  • 1% rate of repeatability switch set point – accurate & reliable
  • Installed in any position
  • Weatherproof enclosure box
  • Capable of twice the maximum indicated flow
  • Available in a wide range of materials


  • Water, De-Ionised Water
  • Soluble Oils (Glycols)
  • Petroleum Based Fluids
  • Synthetic Based Fluids
  • Coolants
  • Corrosive Fluids
  • Paints Solvents
  • Air & Gases

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