Glass Flowmeters

Débitmètre à tube de verre série Platon NG

Platon NG Series

Platon NG Series The NG series are our low cost frames for the standard 100mm scale glass tubes. Ideal for panel mounting, the NG series are supplied with mounting studs and a rear facing exhaust vent to safely exhaust process fluid should a tube fail. More details: Models can have …

Alarme de débit série GIR pour débitmètres série NG-LG

Flow alarms type GIR for Platon NG-LG series

Flow alarm for glass tube flowmeter Floscan GIR flow alarms use an infra-red beam across the glass tube of a variable flowmeter. Passage of the float between the sensor arms is detected and a logic within the electronics determines whether the float is above or below the sensor position. The …

Robinet de réglage série FCV

Fine control valve FCV

Fine control valve FCV A selection of fine control needle valves suitable for gradual opening and closing of gas or liquid flows. More details: Suitable for use with all Platon glass tube VA flowmeters, the standard FCV is rated at up to 25 Bar line pressure. As with all control …

Platon LG series

Platon LG series The LG series are our low cost miniature Glass Tube VA flowmeters for surface panel mounting where small size is important. The RGTF glass flow tubes have 30mm scale length and have standard scales for air. More details: Easy to use, high visibility scale Simple and reliable …

Débitmètre série Platon GU

Platon GU series

Platon GU series The GU series Glass VA flowmeters safety housed construction provides a rigid protective structure around the flow tube, to allow installation in unsupported pipework or to provide extra protection to operators on high pressure or corrosive applications. More details: The tube and float is viewed through a …

Débitmètre série Platon FTV

Platon FTV series

Platon FTV series Platon FTV series are glass tube flowmeters with 300mm scale available from 1/2″ to 2″ steel or stainless steel connections and suitable for liquid and gas measurement. Downloads: Platon FTV series