Flow controler type FC

Flow controler type FC

Flow controler type FC

Flow control valves for pure liquid applications, which provide a constant, pre-set, flow rate independent of line pressure changes.


More details:

Operation is by means of a rubber orifice that reduces in size as the pressure increases, thus balancing the flow. Installation is possible on pipework in any plane to fit existing pipework. Available either screwed, for lines up to 2″, or as a wafer to fit between flanges. All materials are WRC approved for use in drinking water systems.


Body MaterialBrass or St.Steel (UPVC option available)
Screwed bodyBSP female
Wafer bodyFit between BS10 Table E flanges
Temperature-25 to 100°C
Pressure1 to 16 Bar
Differential PressureNitrile
Rubber controller20 bar max (model MN), 16 bar max (model FV)

Available Models

ModelMax Flow RateBody MaterialConnectionCode
Threaded0.4 L/minBrass1/2″59290004
Threaded0.7 L/minBrass1/2″59290007
Threaded1.0 L/minBrass1/2″59290010
Threaded1.5 L/minBrass1/2″59290015
Threaded2.0 L/minBrass1/2″59290020
Threaded3.5 L/minBrass1/2″59290035
Threaded5 L/minBrass1/2″59290050
Threaded7 L/minBrass1/2″59290070
Threaded10 L/minBrass1/2″59290100
Threaded15 L/minBrass1/2″59290150
Threaded23 L/minBrass1/2″59290230
Threaded32 L/minBrass3/4″59290320
Threaded41 L/minBrass3/4″59290410
Threaded54 L/minBrass3/4″59290540
Threaded73 L/minBrass1″59290730
Threaded91 L/minBrass1″59290910
Threaded114 L/minBrass1″59291140
Threaded160 L/minBrass1 1/2″VFC0000
Threaded200 L/minBrass1 1/2″VFC0001
Threaded200 L/minBrass2″VFC0002
Threaded230 L/minBrass2″VFC0003
Threaded0.4 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0004
Threaded0.7 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0005
Threaded1.0 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0006
Threaded1.5 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0007
Threaded2.0 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0008
Threaded3.5 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0009
Threaded5 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0010
Threaded7 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0011
Threaded10 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0012
Threaded15 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0013
Threaded23 L/minStainless Steel1/2″VFC0014
Threaded32 L/minStainless Steel3/4″VFC0015
Threaded41 L/minStainless Steel3/4″VFC0016
Threaded54 L/minStainless Steel3/4″VFC0017
Threaded73 L/minStainless Steel1″VFC0018
Threaded91 L/minStainless Steel1″VFC0019
Threaded114 L/minStainless Steel1″VFC0020
Threaded160 L/minStainless Steel1 1/2″VFC0021
Threaded200 L/minStainless Steel1 1/2″VFC0022
Threaded200 L/minStainless Steel2″VFC0023
Threaded230 L/minStainless Steel2″VFC0024
Wafer342 L/minBrass2″WFC20
Wafer456 L/minBrass2 1/2″WFC25
Wafer675 L/minBrass3″WFC30
Wafer1080 L/minBrass4″WFC40
Wafer1620 L/minBrass5″WFC50
Wafer2565 L/minBrass6″WFC60
Wafer342 L/minStainless Steel2″VFC0025
Wafer456 L/minStainless Steel2 1/2″VFC0026
Wafer675 L/minStainless Steel3″VFC0027
Wafer1080 L/minStainless Steel4″VFC0028
Wafer1620 L/minStainless Steel5″VFC0029
Wafer2565 L/minStainless Steel6″VFC0030