Platon Flostat FV-B-LB

Platon Flostat FV-B-LB

Platon Flostat FV-B-LB

For applications with higher flow rates, larger line sizes and those requiring flanged connections, Flostats can be supplied to suit your requirements. Flostat FV models (opposite page) are available for 1/2″ to 4″ pipelines on liquids and gases.


More details:

In addition, Flostat types B and LB, detailed below, are available for liquid applications on 2 to 4″ pipes.

Flostat Types B & LB: Type B units are factory set for a user defined flow rate. Type LB units control at a flow rate adjustable over a 6:1 range, using an external hand wheel.


Body Brass, St.Steel or Cast Iron
Valve Trim St.Steel
Diaphragm Nitrile, Viton or St.Steel bellows
Control Accuracy ±5%
Reproducibility ±2%
Pressure Up to 140 bar
Temperature 1/2″ to 4″ NB
Pipe Size 20 bar max
Process Connections Flanged to BS, DIN or ANSI standards
Process Fluid Scaled for actual process fluid and conditions. (available degreased for oxygen service)
Controlled Flow Rates liquid up to 75m3/hr, gas up to 2200m3/hr, steam up to 1600Kg/hr
Adjustment Plain or with scale plate, or factory preset
Actuation Manual, Pneumatic or Electrically operated