Platon APV – AIR series

Platon APV – AIR series

Débitmètres miniature à liaison magnétique série Platon APV - AIRFor monitoring low flow rates of high pressure liquids or gases, or where glass tubes are not suitable, purgemeters are Stainless steel in construction with a magnetically coupled pointer.

They provide direct flow indication and can be fitted with flow control valves.

More details:

Suitable for:

  • Use where glass flow tubes are not suitable
  • Purging, mixing or sampling
  • Low flow/high pressure requirements

Gas or air flows scaled to customer requirements. In-line connection or rear facing connections with control valve.


Operating TemperatureFrom -20 to 100 ºC
Operating PressureUp to 100 BarG APT or 40 BarG APV
Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel
Flow tube & end block materials316 Stainless Steel
Float MaterialDural
O-ring Seal MaterialViton
Meter Housing MaterialsAluminium, black anodised body. Polycarbonate window
Pipe Size6.50mm
AccuracyVDE/VDI Class 6
Connections1/4″ NPT female

Available Models

Standard30-250 L/hrAPTS 3211G
Standard40-400 L/hrAPTS 4211G
Standard60-600 L/hrAPTS 5211G
Standard100-1000 L/hrAPTS 6211G
Standard160-1600 L/hrAPTS 7211G
Valved30-250 L/hrAPVS 3211G
Valved40-400 L/hrAPVS 4211G
Valved60-600 L/hrAPVS 5211G
Valved100-1000 L/hrAPVS 6211G
Valved160-1600 L/hrAPVS 7211G