Platon GMTX series

Platon GMTX series

Débitmètre totalisateur à liaison magnétique série Platon GMTXPlaton GMT metal tube flowmeters are magnetically coupled VA meters for liquids. Requiring no external power they are robustly constructed for heavy duty, with flanged connections on ½” to 4″ line sizes, and screwed BSP connections on ½”, 1″ & 2″ units.

Within the tapered flow tube, fluid flow lifts the metering element, which contains a magnet.

More details:

The external pointer follows the magnetic field and indicates flow against a clear 150th scale. Standard units are calibrated for air or water, but scales can be produced to suit other fluids and process conditions.

The GMTX “Vampire” is an electronic version of the standard GMT metal tube flowmeter, where the mechanical pointer and scale is replaced with an LCD to give local meter and digital display of flow rate and flow total. The totally solid state indicator is either loop powered, or mains AC powered with a 4 to 20mA output. High and low alarms are shown on the liquid crystal display panel, and can be signalled to the plant control system. For other liquids, and for flow measurement at different temperatures and pressures, call Sales who will arrange a custom scale to your requirements. You will need to quote your fluid type, SG, viscosity, pressure, temperature and the units preferred.


Flow Rate20-417 L/min
Operating Pressure100 BarG for Stainless Steel, 75 BarG for Brass (or as flange rating)
Operating Temperature200 ºC (or 50 ºC for low pressure drop models)
Accuracy±2% FSD
Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel or Brass
Float MaterialStainless steel, or PVC on Low pressure drop units
GuidesStainless steel
ConnectionsFlanges DIN PN16 or Screwed BSP female
Overall Length250mm for 1/2″ to 2″ units
Flow Range10:1 typical, see tables
Flow Scale100mm long, 150th typical
Standard Conditions1.013bar & 20ºC (ATP)1
InstallationVertical with flow upward
DisplayLarge LCD
Analogue scale10% to 100%, 90mm long
Digital display4 1/2″ digit display, 10mm high
Flow AlarmsHigh and low
GMTXA2 x 8A SPCO relays
GMTXD2 x open collector transistors
Accuracy±1% FSD
Power SupplyGMTXA: 85 – 265V AC, GMTXD: 12 to 24VDC loop powered
OutputGMTXA: active 4 to 20mA into 600W max
GMTXD: 4 to 20mA, 600W max @24V
ApprovalCENELEC EEx ia IIC T4