Velocity sensor “Strap mount”

Velocity sensor “Strap mount”

Velocity sensor "Strap mount"

These Platon MACE Doppler ultrasonic flow sensors are compatible with the Mace AgriFlo, FloPro and HVFlo ultrasonic flow meters.

More details:

This sensor is used to measure velocity in full pipes when access to the pipe is available and the pipe can be emptied when installation or maintenance is required. It can also be used in situations where the user is measuring depth by a third party or ultrasonic sensor. The sensor is first mounted on a polypropylene mounting strap and then installed within the pipe.

Material type: P.V.C.
Pipe sizes: 150mm (6″) to 2000mm (79″)
Dimensions: 125mm (5″) L x 50mm (2″) W x 16mm (0.62″) H