Open channel ultrasonic Flowmeter Platon Mace FloPro S3

Open channel ultrasonic Flowmeter Platon Mace FloPro S3

Open channel ultrasonic Flowmeter Platon Mace FloPro S3

The all new MACE Series 3 FloPro features MACE field proven Doppler velocity and level measurement sensors. Advanced spectrum signal processing allows the FloPro velocity sensors to produce superior results under a wide range of hydraulic operating conditions.

More details:

Even when the pipe slope is unknown or under full pipe, in surcharge, or reverse flow conditions, the FloPro produces accurate, repeatable results every time. With the new Series 3 FloPro, up to five Doppler flow sensors can be monitored by the same instrument, making flow measurements even more flexible and affordable.

The Series 3 FloPro also comes equipped with a powerful array of standard sensor inputs and outputs, making monitoring of other water quality parameters a simple process. Whether you need to measure flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall or simply utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor, the FloPro is fully expandable to your needs.

The MACE Series 3 FloPro can also be fitted with one of several different telemetry interface options, to get your data back in the office when you need it.

The all new MACE Series3 FloPro is the total monitoring solution for both water quantity and water quality!


Measures flow practically anywhere

  • Same insertion sensor will measure in full pipes 100 mm (4″) to 2.5 meters (100″) diameter
  • Same strap mount sensor will measure in partially full pipes 150mm (6″) to 2.5 meters (100″) diameter
  • Open channel flow

Flexible monitoring and control

  • Use multiple 3rd party sensors
  • Up to 5 optional I/O card slots
  • Multi-channel data logging

High accuracy with NO moving parts

  • Works great in dirty water and turbulent streams
  • Reliable under difficult hydraulic conditions
  • No pipe blockages: less field maintenance

Low cost of ownership

  • Economical to purchase and install
  • Single unit with up to five MACE velocity sensors
  • No moving parts: virtually maintenance-free

Total stream profile measurement

  • True average stream velocity
  • No point velocity measurements
  • Less “straight run” requirement

Versatile “straight run” requirements

  • Only 8 total diameters of straight run
  • AgriFlo can “look” upstream or downstream
  • Different sensor styles: versatile mounting options

Telemetry ready

  • ModBUS
  • SDI-12
  • GSM/GPRS modem