Automatic Flow controllers

Régulateurs de débit automatique série Platon Flostat MN

Platon Flostat MN-FV

Platon Flostat MN-FV The Platon Flostat type MN is an automatic flow controller usually coupled to a Platon flowmeter type NG.   More details: This combination is called an FIC set. The Flostat accurately maintains a selected flowrate, as initially adjusted according to the displayed flow on the NG meter. …

Régulateurs de débit série Platon Flostat FV B - LB

Platon Flostat FV-B-LB

Platon Flostat FV-B-LB For applications with higher flow rates, larger line sizes and those requiring flanged connections, Flostats can be supplied to suit your requirements. Flostat FV models (opposite page) are available for 1/2″ to 4″ pipelines on liquids and gases.   More details: In addition, Flostat types B and …

Limiteurs de débit type FC

Flow controler type FC

Flow controler type FC Flow control valves for pure liquid applications, which provide a constant, pre-set, flow rate independent of line pressure changes.   More details: Operation is by means of a rubber orifice that reduces in size as the pressure increases, thus balancing the flow. Installation is possible on …